Emotional game and victory against "Metta"

Emotional game and victory against "Metta"

Tonight at the Skonto Stadium in the 24th round of the Latvian Highest league in an interesting and emotional game we defeated "Metta" with the scoreline of 3:2! Goals were scored by Alexander Ogunji, Yuri Kendish and Marcelo Torres. On Thursday game in Portugal.

This season we had played against "Metta" twice - on April 14th in Mežapark we beat our opponents with a scoreline of 4:0, and in the second game on May 23rd we won in an away match with a scoreline of 4:1.

At the beginning of the game we completely dominated. We created one attack after another and deservedly scored the first goal. In the 7th minute, after a cross from the left side, Alexander Ogunji scored the first goal in our club shirt - 1:0. Also in the continuation we had several good opportunities to score goals, but we could not use them. At the end of the half, "Metta" fought back - we played unsuccessfully near our own goal, and Lamine Correa scored. After the first half, it was tied 1:1.

In the second half, head coach Sandro Perkovic made several substitutions. We couldn't score a goal for a long time, but in the 77th minute, the opponents played a handball in their penalty area, and Yuri Kendish scored a penalty kick (2:1). "Metta" did not give up, and in the 80th minute, Jean Mbassi scored from the penalty area - 2:2. We reacted perfectly, immediately went on the attack, and in the 82nd minute, Marcelo Torres scored after Douglas Aurelio's cross. Victory with the result 3:2.

Next game on Thursday in Portugal against "Gil Vicente". The match starts at 22:00 Latvian time.