An away game in Liepaja

An away game in Liepaja

Tonight in the 20th round game of the Latvian Highest league in an away match we will face "Liepāja"! The kick-off at 18:00! Live broadcast on and TV4 channel.

We have played against "Liepāja" twice this season, and we lost in both games. In the first game in Liepāja, the home team won 1:0, but in the second game in Mežaparks we lost with the same result 0:1.

In the previous game in the Latvian championship, we lost to "Valmiera" with the result 0:2. Before that, the team had won seven in a row. In the last match, "Liepāja" defeated "Super Nova" 2:0 in a tough game.

This will be the last game for both teams before the Conference League qualifiers begin. "Riga" will meet "Derry City", one of the strongest teams of the Irish championship, in the first round, while "Liepāja" will play against the Kosovar club "Glijani".

Both teams are next to each other in the Latvian championship tournament table. "Riga" is in third place with 40 points, while "Liepāja" has earned one point less so far. The leader with 50 points is "Valmiera". RFS is in second place with 45 points.

Tonight's match will start at 18:00 at the Daugava Stadium in Liepāja. Live broadcast on and TV4 channel.